Our vineyards

Mas del Botó is located 600 m above sea level where the vineyards are staggered to 700 m in the sunny part of the Vall del Cortiella. Small terraces walled with dry stone masonry are used to level the steep slopes. Two types of soil are found on the same estate, schists or slate (locally called llicorella) and granite (sand) that gives the wine personality and  strength. The average annual solar radiation is 14,550 Kj / m2 / day, average temperatures of 13.2 ºC and annual rainfall of 600 mm allow obtaining excellent quality wine grapes.

The prevailing winds are Northwesterly (Seré). Come the middle of summer, however, with plenty heat and dryness, the garbinada (seaborne wind) provides a reprieve by contributing humidity. This fact, and the large thermal difference between day and night near the harvest dates allow a harvest with an optimal degree of maturation.

The traditional varieties of Grenache and Carignan are trained in the goblet style, and Cabernet Sauvignon is oriented on trellises.