The cellar.

Mas del Botó is a winery located high in the Cortiella Valley, past the village of Alforja in the Baix Camp county.  The source of the Cortiella river is here, giving its name to the valley.  In this isolated and pristine area are vestiges of the farmhouses and of the parish of Santa María del Cortiella from bygone eras.

The agricultural exploitation consists of more than 40 hectares where 5 hectares are cultivated with vines. The Llauradó brothers come from a long winemaking tradition, and recovered their ancestral lands 30 years ago. The landscape of the Cortiella is impressive, but so is it’s history.

The valley leads into the village of Porrera (Priorat), where written records exist from the 12th century of these lands.  The region of Alforja was given by the Count of Barcelona, Ramon Berenguer IV, to Ramon de Ganagot in gratitude for his military valor in the conquest of Siurana – the final Moorish stronghold in the region during the Reconquista.

That’s why our Premium wine at Mas del Botó is called Ganagot. History also extends underground in this valley, where we find remains of mining activity. Silver was mined during the time of the Romans and Arabs, and lead and iron were exploited until the end of the 1960s. Close to the Mas del Botó is Mas de Mestre, headquarters of Camp de Tarragona in the last Carlist war.