Mas del Boto is one of the founding supporting wineries in the novel My Vintage project. Founded by David Gertiser, My Vintage offers premium clients the opportunity to become winemakers of their own custom wine.  Pep at Mas del Boto is proud to offer the high level of attention to detail and customer service that is involved in taking a My Vintage client on an immersive experience from grape to glass.

Clients are offered an elaborate assessment of their taste preferences and taste pallet in order to determine which winery and wine style most closely suits their preferences. Having chosen a winery and wine (in this case Mas del Boto), clients then select a specific vineyard parcel, which they will personally cultivate.  However while they’re not there, the winery continues taking all necessary measures to ensure the healthy development of the fruit, which is captured on an HD webcam for the client to participate even from home. Clients learn and participate in all aspects of vineyard care, from winter pruning to green harvest in summer and especially the all-important harvest in autumn.   This exciting time allows the client to decide on many factors, including acid and potential alcohol levels for optimum harvest.  The client also chooses barrel’s wood and toast levels, as well as how long to age the wine in the barrel. This is all done under the guiding eyes of enologists, and to meet the aging requirements of the client. For example should the wine be ready in two years, or 20?

Mas del Boto is perfectly suited for offering the high level of attention to detail and the intricate accompaniment to the client experience that this project requires.